Learn English Words! Pretend Play Fruits and Vegetables with Sign Post Kids!


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SIGN POST KIDS presents Learning English Words! Fun Pretend Play with colorful fruits and vegetables! Real live sisters and their brother teach you colors, words, and numbers! Wonderful everyday language for toddlers, school children and ESL adults alike! See if you can find your favorite pretend food!

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Real Kids - Real Life learning videos with SIGN POST KIDS, a family friendly “edutainment” channel. Babies, toddlers, and young preschoolers love to explore with Hannah, Carlei, Emy, Jojo, and Katie's wonderful world of learning! Discover English educational lessons in language and literacy with puzzles, toys, and alphabet letter songs. Explore physical development moving around at the playground, park, beach, and backyard! Act like Mommy and Daddy through personal and social development with pretend play, and unboxings! Have fun with creative arts playing with paint, play-doh, food and other mediums while learning rainbow colors! Exercise your brain with simple mathematical thinking by counting number and shapes puzzles! Sign Post Kids parents, Robert and Diane, are experienced professional educators working with their five children (Hannah, Carlei, Emy, Jojo & Katie), giving you wholesome videos for your loved ones!
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